What was my inspiration behind creating Toorister?
I love to travel! I put together these itineraries for my travels to Europe, which I'm hoping others can also benefit from. For more details, refer to https://thetoorister.com/about/
How should I use these itineraries?
You can use these itineraries as-is or use them as a starting point to flesh out your own tailored itineraries. For each itinerary I have provided a day-by-day plan of the top attractions you can visit, along-with the recommended amount of time you should allocate to each (based on the number of days you have available in the city). If using the itinerary as-is, do ensure the attractions will be open for the day and time you are planning to visit. Seasonal timings for attractions are often different. Where possible, purchase tickets to the attractions in advance to cut down on time spent waiting in lines.
Some of the itineraries seem rushed. Why is this the case?
I've put together these itineraries for my travels and vetted most of them through numerous trips to Europe. The timing aspect for me is important. After all, most of us only have so much time we can get off from work. And while I’d love to spend a couple of weeks touring the Louvre in Paris (it really takes more time than that if you want to see each piece of art), that really isn’t practical (or light on the wallet for that matter!). So rather than spending two weeks at Louvre, I’d much rather allocate a few hours to the museum and then allocate my additional time to whatever else Paris has to offer! Long story short, I look at maximizing my city experience in the minimum possible time, and that is the intent behind all these itineraries. If your preference is spending a nice, relaxing beachfront vacation, these itineraries are probably not very relevant for you. BUT, if you, like me, want to maximize your travel experience in the shortest possible time, I’m hoping you’ll find some of these itineraries useful. If you still feel rushed or have more days available for your vacation, allocate some additional time to the attractions you will enjoy the most. Additionally, where possible, purchase tickets to the attractions in advance to cut down on time spent waiting in lines.
Can I follow these itineraries even with kids?
Absolutely! I have a little one and have followed these itineraries with him - he's a true sport! If you are traveling with older kids, you might want to consider including some more kid oriented activities in your travel plans.
What if I have more days available from what is specified in the itineraries?
Having more days available gives you the luxury of allocating additional time for each attraction. Europe also has a wealth of amazing museums and parks, which you can consider incorporating into your itinerary.
Will you be adding itineraries to other European destinations besides the ones on Toorister?
Absolutely! I am planning on doing this over time. If you have suggestions on what other city itineraries you'd like to see, feel free to drop me an email at thetoorister@gmail.com and I'll prioritize the ones that are the most popular.
How should I pack for a trip to Europe?
Please refer to the blog post here. https://thetoorister.com/how-to-pack-for-a-trip-to-europe/
What about food and accommodation recommendations?
I feel both of these aspects are a matter of personal and budgetary preferences. For food, I typically either use Google or try to find something "local" in the vicinity of the attraction I am visiting. Or I end up going the fast food, street food, or doner kebab route if I am short on time. For accommodation, I'd recommend you stay as close to the Old Town Center as possible as most top attractions are located in the vicinity, which will help you cut down on travel time.
Why haven't you added itineraries for destinations outside of Europe?
I plan on looking into this once I have uploaded all my itineraries for Europe

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