I’m Omar – and I LOVE to travel!

Toorister was my inspiration to share my travel experiences with other avid travelers in the form of multi-day travel itineraries to top destinations.

I’ve compiled these itineraries from different travel resources including blogs, websites, local guides, etc. and have used them in the past for my travels. Before traveling, I like to read up on all there is to do in a city so I can maximize my experience there in the minimum possible time – after all we only get so much time off from work.

Over time, a lot of my friends and relatives have asked me to share these itineraries with them for their own travels. So I figured, I might as well put them up online so others can (hopefully! :)) benefit from them as well. Long story short, if you, like me, want to maximize your travel experience in the shortest possible time, I’m hoping you’ll find some of these itineraries useful. You can either follow them as-is or use them as a starting point to flesh out your own amazing journey.

Either way, I hope you end up enjoying your travels and creating lasting memories!


Happy Tooristing!

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